Fyper offers a comprehensive suite of tools for conference chairs and organizers to manage their academic conference. The website, paper submission and review, program and registrations can all be managed on one location. The software runs on our servers so that you dont have to worry about software installation.

Conference Website

Fyper offers the creation of a conference website which integrates the functionality of the majority of the fyper services like paper handling, registrations, etc. The website is customizable and offers the possibilty for you to edit and update the content. See the our work section for examples.
  • Basic website 
    • Static content of your conference - editable online
    • Integration with paper handling and registration
  • Online Conference Program 
    • Can be edited online
    • Support for mobile devices, w/ personalized program 
  • User Communication
    • Mail to authors and/or participants
  • Online Proceedings 

Paper Handling

We offer a sophisticated, flexible system for paper handling. Authors can submit and edit their manuscripts easily. The submissions can be reviewed through a flexible and clear reviewing system. As an administrator you can easily track and manage all the submissions and comunicate with the authors depending on the status of their submission.
  • Paper Submission 
    • Supports multiple stages of submission such as abstract, full paper, final paper etc.
    • Document checking support
  • Paper Reviewing 
    • Flexible reviewing options
    • Automatic and manual reviewer assignment
    • Flexible authors notification
  • Proceedings
    • Automatic proceedings generation for printing
    • Automatic proceedings generation for USB stick or CD
  • Spreadsheet
    • Download for your administration


By using our system for your conference you have the option to offer online registration. The registration can be customized for different types of registrations (such as "members", "non-members", "early registrations" etc.) or to include various other events that you want to include in your conference. Payments can be done online via creditcard. As in the paper handling, as an administrator you can easily track all your participants and comunicate with them depending on their status.
  • Participant Registration
    • Flexible payment form (additional events, dinners etc. can be charged separately) 
    • Creditcard Payment
  • Participants Cummunication
    • Mail to participants personnaly or via templates
    • Create Invitation letters etc. via templates